Why You Need an Application Performance Management (APM) Platform to Unify the Entire Application Performance Lifecycle

Application virtualization and clouds are changing how applications are built, tested, released and managed. Release cycles are accelerated, resulting in cross-organizational challenges:

·       Applications must be architected early for the production environment.

·       Test and deployment environments are quite different so issues will happen in production.

·       Production environments are dynamic, driving proactive management, continuous analysis nd capture, and rapid diagnostics to product identification to resolution.

·       Production environments cannot be monitored from the outside.

·       The influence and impact of third party code and services will accelerate.

·       Performance and scalability are issues that must be addressed early and often throughout an application’s lifecycle.

In addition to this, businesses are looking to improve efficiencies while reducing cost. Investments are now judged on time to value, immediate business impact and total cost of ownership over time. As a result, Agile methodologies are being introduced to enable developers to shorten development cycles while at the same time improving quality. Operations is typically run independently of Development and has different operating procedures and tools which are not accessible to developers and are incompatible with the tools used in development. As a result, the benefits achieved with Agile are lost once Development releases product to Operations. Hence the dilemma – how to bring these two functions together?


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