The Power of HP Converged Infrastructure for Genomic Research

Exploding data storage demands threatened to hinder the progress of biomedical research at PCPGM’s academic medical centers of Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. To overcome these challenges, PCPGM’s Enterprise Research Infrastructure and Services (ERIS) worked with HP to conduct a series of throughput and scaling tests of the HP X9000 Network Storage System, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, with an XC3000BL compute cluster running the Illumina v1.5.1 pipeline software.

Together, HP and PCPGM were able to demonstrate that a small compute cluster with HP X9720 Network Storage System was able to process a large volume of data output with no evidence of input-output bottlenecking. Test results showed that the HP X9720 offers pay-as-you-grow storage that’s capable of handling exponentially increasing volumes of data without compromising performance.
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