Polyglot Persistence with InfiniteGraph

Objectivity Inc has launched version 3.0 of its InfiniteGraph graph database, improving distributed parallel navigation and adding a user-defined algorithm library. Perhaps the most significant change with version 3.0 is the positioning, however, with Objectivity now being clearer about the role InfiniteGraph serves alongside relational databases, data warehouses and Apache Hadoop.

The 451 Take
We are seeing increased interest in the potential for analytic applications designed to exploit the richness of the graph model to analyze relationships between stored entities. Given it's mature technology and existing customer relationships, Objectivity is well-placed to take advantage of this interest with its InfiniteGraph distributed graph database, and we believe that positioning its technologies as a way to highlight the relationships between entities stored in relational databases and Hadoop will stand it in good stead. While we appreciate that some of the company's users would like to keep the details of their applications to themselves, once again we look forward to getting more information about reference customers sooner rather than later.
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