IPv6 Transition: The Impact on App lication Performance and Top APM Recommendations

Change is a constant in the world of technology, and for application performance management (APM), a major change is underway. With the emergence of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), the Internet is experiencing a major upgrade that will change the way it communicates. While invisible to most Internet users, this means added complexity to the way browsers and devices connect to the Internet and how services operate and are accessed by users. This complexity has the potential to slow down and disrupt critical services that businesses and individuals rely on every day.

IPv6 will require substantial changes in the way application performance is tested and monitored, and will increase the challenges of mastering complexity at the edge of the Internet. It also means the test tools used to ensure the quality of applications and end-user experience will need to be updated, as the underlying infrastructure and applications become IPv6-compliant.

At Compuware, IPv6 has been a major initiative for the past several years. Our goal is to ensure that our Compuware APM solutions are ready for IPv6 and our customers can continue to ensure the quality and performance of their web, mobile and cloud applications, without interruption. When your organization is ready to transition to IPv6, Compuware can help you test and monitor the quality, performance and end-user experience of your IPv6-enabled applications. As a first step, try out the IPv6 Instant Test to compare the results of your IPv6 URLs with those already existing on IPv4.


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