Design Pattern Flashcards for Integration

The design patterns defined in this PDF deck are based on the book Enterprise Integration Patterns(Addison-Wesley). Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf documented their combined experience in the integration space and created this notation. The Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) book provides a standard notation, vocabulary, and visual diagrams of the most popular integration patterns. These patterns are very helpful for fostering team discussions, providing education and communicating integration solutions that often combine multiple patterns.

You can print out, cut out and use The Enterprise Integration Pattern electronic flashcards to piece together an integration solution visually. You can then easily design, debug and implement these patterns using the Fuse IDE software tool that enables users to drag and drop the patterns from a palette within an IDE with Apache Camel. The flashcards can also be printed and used as a reference document containing the diagrams and descriptions of the most popular enterprise integration patterns.

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