Big Data Analytics: Better, Faster, Smarter... (US/Canada)

Data is exploding in this age of machine-generated data. IT and business users alike are finding that traditional database can't cope with the volume - causing slow reports or the need to analyze less data at any one time..

Join Jeff Kibler, Community Manager for Infobright, for an information-packed webinar to learn about the differences between row and column databases and why leading organizations are turning to columnar databases like Infobright for faster queries, lower costs, and simplified administration.

Discover the power and simplicity of Infobright—at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

This Webcast covers:

· Analyze data in near real-time
· Load TBs/hour
· Drill down instantly
· Connect seamlessly with Hadoop
· Reduce admin costs

Publisher:Infobright Scheduled:2011-11-17 13:00:00 Type:
60 minutes
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Topics: Java .NET & Windows