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JNBridge was founded on a simple premise: it's not Java OR Microsoft .NET, it's Java AND .NET. The question is not which framework is better for all, but which parts of both are best for a given solution, and how they can be effectively combined. Heterogeneous enterprises are the reality: while your organization may still exclusively use one platform or the other, chances are that will either change or you'll need to target customers that have both.

Founded in 2001, back when .NET was still in beta, JNBridge has become the leading supplier of Java/.NET interoperability tools for software developers. Our customers range from small independent software vendors to large global enterprises, include industries such as financial services, insurance, media, telecom, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing and government, and support a wide variety of applications including call centers, control systems, trading networks, portals, and reporting.


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Contact Info: 3024 Jefferson Street
Boulder, CO 80304

Phone:    (+1) 303.545.9371
Toll Free:    (+1) 877.584.6082
Fax:    (+1) 516.490.1142
Sales:    sales@jnbridge.com
Other:    info@jnbridge.com

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