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11/03/2014 Querying Graphs with Neo4j

We live in a connected world. There are no isolated pieces of information, but rich, connected domains all around us. Only a database that embraces relationships as a core aspect of its data model is able to store, process, and query connections... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

10/09/2014 Tokutek MongoDB Asset Bundle

Tokutek is offering a complimentary package of white papers to DZone members interested in learning more about MongoDB. The package includes: A New Consensus Algorithm for TokuMX and MongoDB A Comparison of Fractal Frees to Log-Structured... Read More - [Publisher: Tokutek]

09/30/2014 NGINX Whitepaper Bundle

Nginx is offering a free bundle of whitepapers to DZone members interested in learning more about application performance.This bundle includes: Benchmarking NGINX: 4 Ways to Improve Accuracy It's All About the User...And Other Facts You... Read More - [Publisher: Nginx]

09/22/2014 Five Reasons to Choose a Software Load Balancer

Once upon a time, load balancing in most application stacks was heavily dependent on hardware. More modern virtualized and cloud-based infrastructures offer increased agility and scalability at a lower cost, but are frequently plagued by compromised... Read More - [Publisher: Nginx]

09/16/2014 Red Hat ROI Analysis

Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Red Hat JBoss A-MQ are ready to go, out of the box. Red Hat integrates and tests the community components and packages them with easy-to-use install scripts. If you are new to the technology, the wide range of resources... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/16/2014 Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform And Oracle Weblogic Server Enterprise Edition

The technology foundation for both Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware and Oracle Fusion Middleware is the application platform. Red Hat and Oracle offer their application platforms, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Oracle... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/12/2014 Class Design Checklist

Object-oriented thinking doesn't come easy. Functional programming is familiar enough, if you've ever worked at any organization..or just done any high school math. But object-oriented classes are more like species -- and who designs whole... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

09/03/2014 It's All About the User...And Other Facts You Can't Ignore

The success of your web-based service or application is all about serving at the pleasure of the user. Learn what users want in a web experience, the business impact of poor application performance, and how NGINX and NGINX Plus are designed to... Read More - [Publisher: Nginx]

09/03/2014 Nginx Asset Bundle

Nginx is offering a free bundle of whitepapers to DZone members interested in learning more about application performance. This bundle includes:Benchmarking NGINX: 4 Ways to Improve AccuracyFive Reasons to Choose a Software Load BalancerThe Fastest,... Read More - [Publisher: Nginx]

08/05/2014 Checklist: Unit Testing

This checklist helps you ensure that your unit tests aren't missing the most essential attributes of good unit tests. Includes explanations and examples whenever checklist items don't explain themselves. Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

07/11/2014 2014 Wisdom of Crowds Cloud Business Intelligence Market Study

The Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study is based on research conducted in February and March 2014. BI users and implementers from around the world contributed via an online survey to gauge their current usage as well as intended... Read More - [Publisher: Actuate]

07/11/2014 5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Apps

Data-driven apps have become major growth engines for the worldwide software market.  Forrester Research predicts smart computing software will become a $48 billion market this year, while IDC has proclaimed that 2014 will be the year of... Read More - [Publisher: Actuate]

07/09/2014 How to: Deploy Cassandra with the Push of a Button on GoGrid

For users that have done their homework and decided NoSQL is the right solution for their Big Data needs, deploying the cluster is the next step. Most people make the mistake of building their cluster on hardware that isn’t built to support the... Read More - [Publisher: GoGrid]

07/09/2014 How to: Compare Cloud Infrastructure Options for Running NoSQL Workloads

Getting started with Big Data, particularly NoSQL databases, in the cloud can be overwhelming. What kind of infrastructure does a user need to get started? More important, how does a user decide on a cloud that suits specific business needs? This... Read More - [Publisher: GoGrid]

07/09/2014 Riak 1-Button Deploy on GoGrid

NoSQL is the new “it” database in the world of Big Data. And one of the key players is Riak. This white paper will help users determine if Riak is the right database technology for their business and also show how easy it is to get started with... Read More - [Publisher: GoGrid]

190902 views1. Getting Started with Git

Since its inception in 2005, Git continues to grow as the de facto standard for version control in both local and distributed environments. With its beginnings rooted in the open source community, and Linus Torvald’s original authorship, Git’s... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

117077 views2. Getting Started with Drupal 7

This is an update to DZone's Drupal Refcard, and includes a discussion of Drupal pages, from types to content nodes, as well as instructions for installation. Readers will also find a selection of useful instructions for managing content,... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

100449 views3. GlassFish Application Server - Updated for Version 3

Updated for GlassFish Version 3.The use of GlassFish application server is growing, and having a reference card for day-to-day jobs is inevitable. Looking for a sample command to perform a specific job can take time but by using this refcard, you... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

92064 views4. Core Mule

Mule is one of the most mature open source enterprise service busses (ESBs) out there. It provides an easy to use, lightweight ESB that can easily be integrated with a large amount of technologies. Mule also provides a rich set of routers,... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

88776 views5. Essential PostgreSQL

Targeted at novices and professionals alike, this Refcard will help you quickly navigate some of PostgreSQL’s most popular features as well as its hidden gems. It will cover topics such as configuration, administration, backup, language support,... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

75117 views6. Getting Started with BlazeDS

This DZone Refcard on Adobe BlazeDS is the perfect place to start for any developer looking to learn more about using this tool.  Getting Started with BlazeDS illustrates some of the most important features of the software and introduces the reader... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

73910 views7. Getting Started with Maven Repository Management

This DZone Refcard is an in-depth introduction to Maven Repository Management. We cover everything from what is Repository Management to Proxy Repositories, Hosted Repositories, and Repository Groups. Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

65876 views8. Apache Solr: Getting Optimal Search Results

Solr is the HTTP-based server product of the Apache Lucene Project. It makes it easy for programmers to develop sophisticated, high performance search applications. This Refcard on Solr Essentials starts with an introduction to Solr and how to run... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

48597 views9. The Top Twelve Integration Patterns for Apache Camel

This DZone Refcard will guide you through the most common Enterprise Integration Patterns and gives you examples of how to implement them either in Java code or using Spring XML. While it is targeted toward software developers and enterprise... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

41452 views10. Apache Hadoop Deployment: A Blueprint for Reliable Distributed Computing

This Refcard presents a basic blueprint for deploying Apache Hadoop HDFS and MapReduce using the Cloudera Distribution and will take you from installation to deployment. The Cloudera Distribution for Apache Hadoop is an open-source, enterprise-class... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

39243 views11. Understanding Lucene: Powering Better Search Results

Apache Lucene is a cross-platform, high-performance, full-text search engine library. When used in conjunction with Apache Solr, it becomes a world-class search platform. Solr includes a number of other features like faceting and a rich function... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

37920 views12. BIRT 3.7 Report Design: Eclipse-Based BI and Big Data Visualization

Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) is an open source, Eclipse-based reporting system that integrates with your Java/J2EE application to produce compelling reports. This DZone Refcard provides an overview of the BIRT 3.7... Read More - [Publisher: Actuate]

29914 views13. Adobe Flash Builder 4.5: Develop for Web, Desktop and Mobile

This Refcard outlines how to use Flash Builder 4.5 to develop Flex applications, including creating new projects for mobile and other platforms, as well as developing, building (compiling), testing, and debugging Flex applications. Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

28469 views14. ServiceMix 4.2: The Apache Open Source ESB

Apache ServiceMix is an enterprise-class open source ESB. This DZone Refcard will introduce you to what's new in version 4.2 and walk you through the OSGi based architecture, Web services, configuration and deployment of ServiceMix 4.2 components... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

6894 views15. "AppOps": The New Frontier in APM

A variety of technical and economic trends have rendered the first generation APM approach inadequate in addressing the reality of how applications are built and deployed today. Today’s applications are built using a variety of tools including... Read More - [Publisher: New Relic]

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