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11/13/2014 Apache Spark

We live in an era of “Big Data” where data of various types are being generated at an unprecedented pace, and this pace seems to be only accelerating astronomically. This data can be categorized broadly into transactional data, social media... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

11/03/2014 Querying Graphs with Neo4j

We live in a connected world. There are no isolated pieces of information, but rich, connected domains all around us. Only a database that embraces relationships as a core aspect of its data model is able to store, process, and query connections... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

10/09/2014 Tokutek MongoDB Asset Bundle

Tokutek is offering a complimentary package of white papers to DZone members interested in learning more about MongoDB. The package includes: A New Consensus Algorithm for TokuMX and MongoDB A Comparison of Fractal Frees to Log-Structured... Read More - [Publisher: Tokutek]

09/30/2014 NGINX Whitepaper Bundle

Nginx is offering a free bundle of whitepapers to DZone members interested in learning more about application performance.This bundle includes: Benchmarking NGINX: 4 Ways to Improve Accuracy It's All About the User...And Other Facts You... Read More - [Publisher: Nginx]

09/22/2014 Five Reasons to Choose a Software Load Balancer

Once upon a time, load balancing in most application stacks was heavily dependent on hardware. More modern virtualized and cloud-based infrastructures offer increased agility and scalability at a lower cost, but are frequently plagued by compromised... Read More - [Publisher: Nginx]

09/16/2014 Re-think Data Integration: Delivering Agile BI Systems with Data Virtualization

It didn’t happen overnight, but a new era for business intelligence (BI) has arrived. Gone are the days when BI systems presented yesterday’s data, when internal data was sufficient to cover all the organization’s BI needs, and when... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/16/2014 Red Hat ROI Analysis

Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Red Hat JBoss A-MQ are ready to go, out of the box. Red Hat integrates and tests the community components and packages them with easy-to-use install scripts. If you are new to the technology, the wide range of resources... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/16/2014 Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform And Oracle Weblogic Server Enterprise Edition

The technology foundation for both Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware and Oracle Fusion Middleware is the application platform. Red Hat and Oracle offer their application platforms, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Oracle... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/12/2014 Class Design Checklist

Object-oriented thinking doesn't come easy. Functional programming is familiar enough, if you've ever worked at any organization..or just done any high school math. But object-oriented classes are more like species -- and who designs whole... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

09/03/2014 It's All About the User...And Other Facts You Can't Ignore

The success of your web-based service or application is all about serving at the pleasure of the user. Learn what users want in a web experience, the business impact of poor application performance, and how NGINX and NGINX Plus are designed to... Read More - [Publisher: Nginx]

09/03/2014 Nginx Asset Bundle

Nginx is offering a free bundle of whitepapers to DZone members interested in learning more about application performance. This bundle includes:Benchmarking NGINX: 4 Ways to Improve AccuracyFive Reasons to Choose a Software Load BalancerThe Fastest,... Read More - [Publisher: Nginx]

08/21/2014 2014 Guide to Big Data

Discover emerging information about the Big Data landscape, and learn about how the shifting needs of data scientists and developers are influencing new tools and technologies. This guide explores the meaning of Big Data, how businesses use it, and... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

08/20/2014 Hadoop 2.0: Just the Facts, Ma’am, Just the Facts

Much has been written and discussed about Hadoop 2.0, but its time to go under the hood for a more in-depth look. Join us for an insightful session for deploying Hadoop 2.0 in production environments. Quick introduction to new features, with an... Read More - [Publisher: MapR]

98701 views1. Eclipse Tools for Spring: The SpringSource Tool Suite

The SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) is an Eclipse-based IDE that includes many useful Spring developer plugins out of the box. These tools include visual editors, project validators, and a dashboard. This week's Refcard will walk you through... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

81638 views2. Getting Started with Kanban for Software Development

This DZone Refcard provides you with an introduction to Kanban and how it can be used for Software Development.  Learn about the Kanban Method and such topics as coordination practices, emergent behaviors, prioritization and more... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

57165 views3. Core WS-BPEL: Business Process Execution Language

This Refcard gives an overview of key activities of WS-BPEL 2.0 language. The process structure including partner links, variables, fault handlers, event handlers, correlation sets, and message exchanges is discussed. All important BPEL activities,... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

56027 views4. Continuous Delivery: Patterns and Antipatterns in the Software Lifecycle

Our latest DZone Refcard on Continuous Delivery is loaded with over 40 different deployment patterns and antipatterns! "Continuous Delivery: Patterns and Antipatterns in the Software Lifecycle" encourages you to follow the mantra:... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

52398 views5. Getting Started with Application Lifecycle Management

This DZone Refcard provides you with an introduction to Application Lifecycle Management.  Within, we cover everything from End-to-End ALM to Process and Deployment Automation so that you can better understand the way that you can leverage ALM... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

50672 views6. PHPUnit: PHP Test-Driven Development - Automated Tools to Improve Your PHP Code Quality

Tests are the first users of your code and extensively testing a web application is the only way to make sure that the code you have written really works. PHPUnit: PHP Test-Driven Development will show you how to set up and automate your testing... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

41252 views7. Open Source Media Framework: Building Simple Custom Video Players

The Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) is an Adobe-led, open-source ActionScript 3 coding framework for loading, playing and displaying media. In this DZone Refcard you will learn about Strobe Media Playback and Flash Media. Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

20886 views8. Getting Started with Subversion

Subversion is a source control tool—a way of keeping track of the changes made to any text-based document. Typically we use these types of tools for code (as the name suggests), but they’re also useful for configuration files, text-based markup,... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

19062 views9. Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP: Adobe/Zend Tools for the PHP Professional

This week's Refcard covers some tools that are used by professional web developers to develop applications with slick, Flex UIs and powerful, battle-tested backends coded in PHP. Adobe's new Eclipse-based IDE, Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP, was... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

18181 views10. How to Digitally Sign Downloadable Code for Secure Content Transfer

Learn how VeriSign Code Signing Certificates allow you to digitally sign your content for unprecedented secure delivery over the Internet and safely transport it from your site.  Code Signing helps businesses preserve intellectual property and... Read More - [Publisher: Verisign]

8439 views11. DevOps Deployment: Applying Agile and Lean

Everybody in IT has the same goal: rapid, reliable, low risk delivery of high-quality, valuable functionality to users. This white paper discusses the application of agile and lean techniques to release management in order to achieve this goal. The... Read More - [Publisher: Thoughtworks]

6890 views12. "AppOps": The New Frontier in APM

A variety of technical and economic trends have rendered the first generation APM approach inadequate in addressing the reality of how applications are built and deployed today. Today’s applications are built using a variety of tools including... Read More - [Publisher: New Relic]

5832 views13. In The Brain of David Ross: NBehave and Behavior Driven Development

Overview: NBehave is a .NET tool for Behaviour-driven development (BDD), an evolution of test-driven development (TDD) and acceptance-test driven design. It shifts the vocabulary from being test-based to behaviour-based, and positions itself as a... Read More

4968 views14. Solr Whitepaper Package

This is a zip file containing all of the Lucid Imagination sponsored White papers.  This package includes the following: E-Commerce Search StrategiesGetting Started with LucidWorks EnterpriseProgrammers Guide, Full-Text Search over RDBMS... Read More - [Publisher: Lucid Imagination]

4907 views15. Querying Graphs with Neo4j

We live in a connected world. There are no isolated pieces of information, but rich, connected domains all around us. Only a database that embraces relationships as a core aspect of its data model is able to store, process, and query connections... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

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