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08/13/2014 The 2014 NoSQL Benchmark Showdown

Leading consulting firm Thumbtack highlights the preliminary results of performance tests executed with Couchbase Server, DataStax Enterprise (Apache Cassandra) and MongoDB.The result? Couchbase Server outperformed DataStax Enterprise... Read More - [Publisher: Couchbase]

08/13/2014 Why NoSQL?

The convergence of social networks, mobile platforms, connected things, big data and cloud infrastructure redefined interactive applications. It redefined the number of users, the data, the infrastructure and a new generation of databases... Read More - [Publisher: Couchbase]

08/05/2014 Checklist: Unit Testing

This checklist helps you ensure that your unit tests aren't missing the most essential attributes of good unit tests. Includes explanations and examples whenever checklist items don't explain themselves. Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

07/18/2014 Application Performance Management Bundle

Riverbed is offering a complimentary package of white papers to DZone members interested in learning more about APM. The package includes the following whitepapers : Building Better Code: 10 Ways to Use APM 10 Common Problems APM Helps You... Read More - [Publisher: Riverbed]

07/11/2014 2014 Wisdom of Crowds Cloud Business Intelligence Market Study

The Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study is based on research conducted in February and March 2014. BI users and implementers from around the world contributed via an online survey to gauge their current usage as well as intended... Read More - [Publisher: Actuate]

07/11/2014 5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Apps

Data-driven apps have become major growth engines for the worldwide software market.  Forrester Research predicts smart computing software will become a $48 billion market this year, while IDC has proclaimed that 2014 will be the year of... Read More - [Publisher: Actuate]

07/09/2014 How to: Deploy Cassandra with the Push of a Button on GoGrid

For users that have done their homework and decided NoSQL is the right solution for their Big Data needs, deploying the cluster is the next step. Most people make the mistake of building their cluster on hardware that isn’t built to support the... Read More - [Publisher: GoGrid]

07/09/2014 How to: Compare Cloud Infrastructure Options for Running NoSQL Workloads

Getting started with Big Data, particularly NoSQL databases, in the cloud can be overwhelming. What kind of infrastructure does a user need to get started? More important, how does a user decide on a cloud that suits specific business needs? This... Read More - [Publisher: GoGrid]

07/09/2014 Riak 1-Button Deploy on GoGrid

NoSQL is the new “it” database in the world of Big Data. And one of the key players is Riak. This white paper will help users determine if Riak is the right database technology for their business and also show how easy it is to get started with... Read More - [Publisher: GoGrid]

07/09/2014 IBM WebSphere and JRebel: All the Java EE Goodness Without the Wait

At ZeroTurnaround, we get to see a LOT of different development environments. There are many debates on the merits and failures of various application servers, like ours from earlier this year: The Great Application Server Debate. One of the... Read More - [Publisher: ZeroTurnaround]

07/09/2014 How a German energy company saved 1 day per week of development time with JRebel

Heliocentris specializes in autonomous energy supply and energy efficient solutions with the aim of replacing diesel generators with "zero-emission" products. This case study focuses on their Energy Manager, an embedded system which gathers huge... Read More - [Publisher: ZeroTurnaround]

06/13/2014 NoSQL Evaluators Guide

The NoSQL Evaluator's Guide presents a framework for evaluating NoSQL databases for the enterprise. It begins with an overview of NoSQL technology, features and models, and concludes with evaluation criteria. In this NoSQL Evaluator's Guide,... Read More - [Publisher: Couchbase]

06/04/2014 **PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE** Creating a Real Time Large Scale Analytics Platform with NoSQL, Storm and Kafka

The LivePerson platform enables over 8,500 global businesses to intelligently engage with more than 450 million users a month.  LivePerson tracks more than 1.8 billion visits a months across its customer digital properties (web &... Read More - [Publisher: Couchbase]

05/23/2014 Compuware Cloud and Big Data Whitepaper Bundle

Compuware is offering a complimentary package of white papers to DZone members interested in learning more about optimizing cloud applications and big data. The package includes the following resources: Optimizing Cloud and Virtualized... Read More - [Publisher: Compuware]

95997 views1. Core Spring Data

This Refcard serves as a must-have reference for the Spring Data project.  Spring Data, which is part of the Spring Framework ecosystem, is the umbrella project for advanced data access.  It contains support modules for traditional, NoSQL,... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

91575 views2. Continuous Integration: Patterns and Anti-patterns

Continuous Integration is the process of building software with every change committed to a project's version control repository.  This DZone Refcard will walk you through 40 different Patterns and Anti-patterns associated with CI and expands the... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

78067 views3. Getting Started with NoSQL and Data Scalability

This DZone Refcard demystifies NoSQL and data scalability techniques by introducing some core concepts.  It also offers an overview of current technologies available in this domain and suggests how to apply them. Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

72630 views4. REST: Foundations of RESTful Architecture

The Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style is a worldview that elevates information into a first-class element of the architectures that arte built. This Refcard presents the foundations for RESTful style architecture and will... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

61058 views5. Getting Started with Adobe Flash Builder 4

Adobe Flash Builder, part of the Adobe Flash Platform, is a multimedia platform that utilizes browser plug-ins to deliver rich content via the web.  This DZone Refcard outlines how to use Flash Builder to develop Flex applications, including... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

56258 views6. Getting Started with Infinispan

Infinispan is an open source data grid platform. Data grids are commonly used as low-latency, highly-available and elastic data storage backends, often as NoSQL solutions. Data grids are often used in addition to traditional databases, as a... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

45387 views7. Designing Quality Software: Architectural and Technical Best Practices

Beginning with a description of the biggest enemy of technical quality, structural erosion, this DZone Refcard for the most part covers large-scale system design. The intention is to support architects and developers in solving typical day-to-day... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

41168 views8. Data Mining: Discovering and Visualizing Patterns with Python

This Refcard is about the tools used in practical Data Mining for findingand describing structural patterns in data using Python. In recent years,Python has become more and more used for the development of datacentric applications thanks to the... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

30877 views9. MongoDB: Flexible NoSQL for Humongous Data

30356 views10. Mule 3: Simplifying SOA

Mule is an open-source integration platform and Enterprise Service Bus designed to support high-performance, multi-protocol transactions between heterogeneous systems and services. This DZone Refcard covers Mule 3 and serves as a reference for users... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

28984 views11. PHP 5.4

19925 views12. Getting Started with Subversion

Subversion is a source control tool—a way of keeping track of the changes made to any text-based document. Typically we use these types of tools for code (as the name suggests), but they’re also useful for configuration files, text-based markup,... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

17935 views13. How to Digitally Sign Downloadable Code for Secure Content Transfer

Learn how VeriSign Code Signing Certificates allow you to digitally sign your content for unprecedented secure delivery over the Internet and safely transport it from your site.  Code Signing helps businesses preserve intellectual property and... Read More - [Publisher: Verisign]

6652 views14. "AppOps": The New Frontier in APM

A variety of technical and economic trends have rendered the first generation APM approach inadequate in addressing the reality of how applications are built and deployed today. Today’s applications are built using a variety of tools including... Read More - [Publisher: New Relic]

5851 views15. Big Modular Java with Guice

Learn how Google uses the fast, lightweight Guice framework to power some of the largest and most complex applications in the world. Supporting scores of developers, and steep testing and scaling requirements for the web, Guice proves that there... Read More

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