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04/10/2014 2014 Guide to Continuous Delivery

This guide covers the benefits of Continuous Delivery and DevOps and the strategies organizations use to adopt these practices. This guide also includes comparison data to help you choose the right technology for your Continuous Delivery... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

04/04/2014 The On-Call Firefight Survival Guide: Down & Dirty in The DevOps Trenches

Did you know that being on-call can cause something called Phantom Vibration Syndrome? PVS anyone? Or that there is scientific evidence that when you’re sleeping while on-call, you have less REM sleep, less “slow wave sleep” and a... Read More - [Publisher: VictorOps]

04/04/2014 How ZeroTurnaround Releases Twice a Week with 99.99% Uptime

In the past, releasing applications wasn’t always so fun for our engineering team at ZeroTurnaround. Like any IT shop that needs to release both critical & non-critical apps alike, we suffered from down time for our users... Read More - [Publisher: ZeroTurnaround]

04/04/2014 Networked Assets Case Study

NetworkedAssets used JRebel to improve their sprint velocity by 40%, backed up with a statistical proof in this case study Read More - [Publisher: ZeroTurnaround]

04/04/2014 MS Learning and Consulting Case Study

“The entire day of work without redeploying and without restart, thanks to JRebel! This saves me more than 50% of my development time!”- Muhammed Shakir, CEO, MS Learning and Consulting Read More - [Publisher: ZeroTurnaround]

04/04/2014 What Developers Want: The End of Application Redeploys

There is a threat faced by Java development teams worldwide: that of turnaround time due to application restarts. This document presents a technology overview and business case for JRebel, as a commercial solution for eliminating the need to... Read More - [Publisher: ZeroTurnaround]

04/04/2014 Coding with JRebel: Java Forever Changed

With JRebel, developers get to see their code changes immediately, fine-tune their code with incremental changes, debug, explore and deploy their code with ease (both locally and remotely), and ultimately spend more time coding instead of waiting... Read More - [Publisher: ZeroTurnaround]

03/13/2014 Development testing for C#

Static analysis shouldn’t be about finding loads of coding style or standard issues. It should be focused on finding the most critical defects. Although traditional byte code analysis solutions such as FxCop are useful, they can miss... Read More - [Publisher: Coverity ]

02/28/2014 The 2014 Cloud Platform Research Report

The report you’re reading represents our most ambitious research effort to date, and it’s the first of many to come. We talked to dozens of vendors, hundreds of members, and explored thousands of data points to assemble a detailed resource aimed... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

01/28/2014 Progress DataDirect Data Connectivity Asset Bundle

DataDirect is offering a complimentary package of white papers to DZone members interested in learning more about using high-performance data connectivity. The package includes:Database Wars 2.0: Bringing Control to Chaos2014 Data Connectivity... Read More - [Publisher: Data Direct Technologies]

01/28/2014 ISVS: Top 5 Ways Embedded Connectivity Accelerates Your Business

For many ISVs, the lure of “free” proprietary drivers is strong. Others use open source code in their quest for costs savings, relying heavily on in-house development expertise.The problem? Neither of these approaches is free or easy.... Read More - [Publisher: Data Direct Technologies]

01/28/2014 Database Wars 2.0

Big data and cloud data are still hurling outward from the “big bang ” As the dust settles, competing forces are emerging to launch the next round of database wars—the ones that will set new rules for connectivity... Read More - [Publisher: Data Direct Technologies]

244907 views1. Windows PowerShell

"This is a very good concept, and will be useful to people new to PowerShell." --Marco Shaw, MVP - Windows Server – Admin FrameworksWindows PowerShell is a modern object-based command shell and scripting language designed for Microsoft... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

116519 views2. Core .NET

The .NET Framework has been growing steadily since its birth — the API for .NET 3.5 is far bigger than that of .NET 1.0. With so much to remember, you’ll find this refcard useful for those core pieces of information which you need so often but... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

91203 views3. RSS and Atom

RSS and Atom make it easy to read and write the web. Applications can use the Atom Publishing Protocol (RFC-5023) and the MetaWeblog API to publish any type of content to blog, wiki and CMS servers. You’ll find this reference card useful whether... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

85516 views4. Silverlight 2

Silverlight is Microsoft’s offering for designing, developing, and delivering rich interactive applications over the internet. These applications can run on all major platforms and in all major browsers. Significantly though, not every web... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

76660 views5. Essential F#

F# is Microsoft's most recent language for the .NET platform. This DZone Refcard will lead you through the basic essentials so that you can quickly move on to using this Functional Programming Language for creating some mind-bending code. Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

75623 views6. Getting Started with Windows Communication Foundation 4.0

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is the preferred messaging system in .NET applications. It removes the need for developers to have intimate knowledge of how the messages themselves are sent and received. This DZone Refcard gets you up to... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

68323 views7. Getting Started with Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Presentation Foundation is a next generation UI framework for creating desktop applications on the Windows Platform.  The intent of this DZone Refcard is to help you understand the basics of WPF.  In this DZone Refcard, the Authors work to... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

46714 views8. Getting Started with Visual Studio 2010

This DZone Refcard is a quick reference to the most important new features and instruments in Visual Studio 2010, also providing tips to most common shortcuts. Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

45364 views9. The MVVM Design Pattern: A Formula for Elegant, Maintainable Mobile Apps

Anyone interested in developing a Silverlight application for the Windows Phone should get a copy of this DZone Refcard on the MVVM Design Pattern. Included within is everything from an explanation of the MVVM Design Pattern to some examples of MVVM... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

43191 views10. ADO.NET Entity Framework: Object-Relational Mapping and Data Access

The ADO.NET Entity Framework is a powerful object-relational mapping tool that exists inside Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. This DZone Refcard starts with the basics by showing you how to create a new Data Model. Once you have finished creating the... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

40516 views11. Application Prototyping with SketchFlow

Just as the foundation of a building is important for its stability, the prototyping phase is a critical part of application development. This DZone Refcard aims to cover the core aspects of application prototyping.  We will also look at how... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

36796 views12. WebMatrix: Advanced Web Development Made Simple

WebMatrix is a free lightweight web development tool from Microsoft that requires no registration to download. It is a powerful, task-focused tool that is designed to make it really easy to create, customize and publish websites based on open source... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

31222 views13. Developing a Silverlight Application for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is a new platform bringing together developers from the .NET, Silverlight and XNA eco-systems into the mobile development arena. This DZone Refcard combines reference information and tips for developing and publishing a Silverlight... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

29259 views14. Cloud Computing with Windows Azure Platform

This DZone Refcard on Cloud Computing with WIndows Azure Platform will introduce you to the platform and how it can benefit you. Beginning with a walkthrough on how to configure your cloud service, this cheat sheet covers a number of topics... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

17477 views15. How to Digitally Sign Downloadable Code for Secure Content Transfer

Learn how VeriSign Code Signing Certificates allow you to digitally sign your content for unprecedented secure delivery over the Internet and safely transport it from your site.  Code Signing helps businesses preserve intellectual property and... Read More - [Publisher: Verisign]

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