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09/16/2014 Red Hat ROI Analysis

Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Red Hat JBoss A-MQ are ready to go, out of the box. Red Hat integrates and tests the community components and packages them with easy-to-use install scripts. If you are new to the technology, the wide range of resources... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/16/2014 Lightweight Enterprise Integration with Red Hat JBoss Fuse

Disruption isn't just a buzzword; it's a reality for most organizations. In today's IT departments, decision makers face a growing list of potentially disruptive considerations. New competition appears daily, once-revolutionary technology becomes... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/16/2014 Deploy Full Java EE Applications In the Cloud

Many organizations developing business-critical Java™ EE applications are struggling to keep up with the fast-changing business environment. While legacy applications are largely on-premise and in virtual environments, more and more new... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/16/2014 On-Premise or in the Cloud, A Single Java EE Application Platform

Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) is the market-leading open source platform for next-generation Java™ applications. JBoss EAP supports a wide range of Java applications, from HTML5 mobile applications to highly... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/16/2014 Red Hat JBoss Data Grid

Red Hat® JBoss® Data Grid, an in-memory distributed database, provides fast access to data and elastic scalability for large data volumes and allows developers to meet tough requirements related to data retention, response time, and uptime. JBoss... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/16/2014 Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform And Oracle Weblogic Server Enterprise Edition

The technology foundation for both Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware and Oracle Fusion Middleware is the application platform. Red Hat and Oracle offer their application platforms, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Oracle... Read More - [Publisher: RedHat]

09/12/2014 Class Design Checklist

Object-oriented thinking doesn't come easy. Functional programming is familiar enough, if you've ever worked at any organization..or just done any high school math. But object-oriented classes are more like species -- and who designs whole... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

09/10/2014 Managing Quality on the Developer Desktop

Learn how the Coverity Software Testing Platform can be used at the developers desktop to help them find and fix issues prior to checking in their code. Now developers can address defects quickly, easily, and before anyone else sees their code. Read More - [Publisher: Coverity ]

09/04/2014 Forrester's Ideal Tool Set For APM For Better Business Performance

The exponential growth of technology and a constant reduction of hardware unit prices have brought fundamental changes in the way IT supports business interactions. The “traditional” IT which catered to the needs of the corporation by keeping... Read More - [Publisher: Riverbed]

09/04/2014 Building Better Code: 10 Ways to Use APM

In today's business world, user expectations for application performance are incredibly high. This comes at a time, when, from a developer's standpoint, challenges are constantly growing. In particular, developing business applications today is more... Read More - [Publisher: Riverbed]

09/04/2014 10 Common Problems APM Helps You Solve

Applications in today's distributed, cloud-based IT environment need to perform at their peak at all times. Unfortunately, most do not. And while many developers and IT professionals have Application Performance Management (APM) solutions, they... Read More - [Publisher: Riverbed]

09/03/2014 It's All About the User...And Other Facts You Can't Ignore

The success of your web-based service or application is all about serving at the pleasure of the user. Learn what users want in a web experience, the business impact of poor application performance, and how NGINX and NGINX Plus are designed to... Read More - [Publisher: Nginx]

09/03/2014 Nginx Asset Bundle

Nginx is offering a free bundle of whitepapers to DZone members interested in learning more about application performance. This bundle includes:Benchmarking NGINX: 4 Ways to Improve AccuracyFive Reasons to Choose a Software Load BalancerThe Fastest,... Read More - [Publisher: Nginx]

08/14/2014 Getting Started with Play Framework

217073 views1. Core Java

This refcard gives you an overview of key aspects of the Java language and cheat sheets on the core library (formatted output, collections, regular expressions, logging, properties) as well as the most commonly used tools (javac, java, jar).Features... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

151138 views2. JUnit and EasyMock

JUnit and EasyMock are the predominant choices for testing tools in the Java space. This reference card will guide you through the creation of unit tests with JUnit and EasyMock. It contains detailed definitions for unit testing and mock objects as... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

145561 views3. Core Java Concurrency

This DZone Refcard helps Java developers working with multi-threaded programs understand the core concurrency concepts and how to apply them. Topics covered in this cheat sheet include built-in Java language features as well as new constructs added... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

129203 views4. Getting Started with MyEclipse

Downloaded over 10 million times, MyEclipse (http://www.MyEclipseIDE.com) is the #1 commercial Eclipse-based IDE, with industry-leading support for Java and Web developers. You will find this free DZone cheat sheet useful as an introduction to... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

128794 views5. Essential JSP Expression Language

The JavaServer Pages (JSP) Expression Language (EL) is a simple non-procedural scripting language that can be used to evaluate dynamic expressions within a JSP page. This refcard focuses on the Expression Language as applied to JSP pages. The EL... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

121281 views6. Getting Started with JPA

Even though proprietary mapping products like Hibernate and TopLink still exist, they are now focused on providing their functionality through the JPA API, allowing all applications to be portable across JPA implementations. This refcard will give... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

116783 views7. Using XML in Java

XML is a general-purpose specification for creating custom mark-up languages. It is classified as an extensible language because it allows its users to define their own elements. Its primary purpose is to help information systems share structured... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

111933 views8. Expression-Based Authorization with Spring Security 3

This DZone Refcard covers the key features of expression-based authorization with Spring Security 3, and aims to be a handy reference for novices and experienced users alike. Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

106424 views9. Flex 4 and Spring 3 Integration

In this DZone Refcard, you will learn how to use Flex Remoting and Messaging to connect to Spring and Hibernate. Also included is a section on how to use Spring Security with Flex. Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

99408 views10. GlassFish Application Server - Updated for Version 3

Updated for GlassFish Version 3.The use of GlassFish application server is growing, and having a reference card for day-to-day jobs is inevitable. Looking for a sample command to perform a specific job can take time but by using this refcard, you... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

99102 views11. Liferay Essentials: A Definitive Guide for Enterprise Portal Development

Liferay is a free and open-source enterprise portal written in Java and in its eleventh year of development. More than just a portal, Liferay is a platform for creating effective business applications and solutions. It offers a robust feature set,... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

98259 views12. Spring Web Flow

Based on Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow is a framework for building flow-based applications. In this Refcard, you’ll see how to add Spring Web Flow to a Spring application and define flows that initiate conversations between the application and its... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

97056 views13. Getting Started with Apache Wicket

Among the dizzying number of Web frameworks available today, Wicket’s simple and intuitive approach to Web development has led it to become a favorite among many Java developers.  This Refcard brings you quickly up to speed on some of the key... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

96400 views14. Core Spring Data

This Refcard serves as a must-have reference for the Spring Data project.  Spring Data, which is part of the Spring Framework ecosystem, is the umbrella project for advanced data access.  It contains support modules for traditional, NoSQL,... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

95781 views15. Getting Started with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5

This DZone Refcard provides an in-depth introduction to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5. We take you all the way from installation to the deployment of your application.  A must have for both users starting out with Java EE as well as... Read More - [Publisher: DZone, Inc.]

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